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24 Jun '15

Oakland Street Style Series 2

Posted by Anastasia Yip
Today, we spotted two great outfits in downtown Oakland. These looks are so hip and chic we could hardly miss them.
This girl aims for a look that reminds us of the 70s, but with a modern touch. It’s characterized by earth tone, with great accessories. We love how she layers a darker tank top over a white one, creating a sharp contrast. The drapes on her top also adds texture to her look. She matches them with a pair of light wash jeans, which highlights her white tank top underneath. She finishes off the outfit with shades and flip-flops, showing off the summery quality of her look.
If you want to get her look, we have some suggestions for you.
If you’re feeling lazy, go for our tie-dye jogging pants instead of jeans—they’re equally eye-catchy. Also, layer black and white tank tops, like this fashionable girl. We like this grayish blue top from Groceries, because of its soft material and the drapes on the neckline.
This other girl pairs a button-up collar shirt with a gray cardigan and blue pants. Her bright orange red flats are spot on, too. We adore her black-and-white stripes (after all, our collection is monochrome). Her outfit and hairstyle reminds us of Alexa Chung, and to be honest, we think she’s no less fashion savvy. Follow her on Instagram @anna_beezy!
If you want to transform her look with a summer vibe, here’s an idea.
This black-and-white splattered tank top goes well with a gray silk back cardigan. You can also pair it with black leggings to achieve a more casual look.
21 May '15

Oakland Street Style Series

Posted by Yang Qu in oakland, street style

We encountered some well-dressed folks outside the Viscera store. Some were heading to meet with friends, and other were just off work. While the weather was still slightly chilly, it didn’t stop them from brightening up the sidewalk with their effortless style.

These two girls were both spotted wearing simple yet trendy top-jeans-flats combos. The black detailing on the red sweater gives it just the right amount of texture. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get their information before they sped off to whatever fun event was awaiting them.

Another well-dressed individual we spotted was Lisa Baird, who expertly combined layers together for a look that’s perfect for the transition to summer. She can be found on social media at @bairdlisa.

Lastly, we spotted Andrew Romero on his way home from his job in finance at a health care provider. There are many misconceptions about business and tech not mixing well with fashion, but he just ushered that stereotype out the door.

Of course, personal style is personal, but it’s always nice to have some great pieces to help you out, like the variety of menswear and womenswear we have at Viscera. Our inspired takes on their styles follow below!