Our Story

Viscera creates 3D printed accessories and monochrome clothing exclusively made in the USA. We provide a sleek, cohesive and contemporary collection. 
Our goal is to provide 3D accessories that quietly stand-out. While designers and architects are familiar with digital fabrication, most people haven't see a 3D printed item in person, let alone one they can purchase as a ready-to-wear piece.We have the same philosophy of quietly standing-out when it comes to fashion. We limit our color palette to create an aesthetic that focuses on textures and clean lines rather than color composition.

Why Made in USA?
Our 3D printed accessories are made in-house, meaning you can come to the store and watch our production process and even customize your piece to be exactly what you want. It's important to us that each item has a story and our customers feel a strong connection to their Viscera piece. This approach extends to our USA made clothing. We want you to know the story of where your clothing is made. Our goal is provide you with quality American made pieces that are versatile and will be a favorite piece of your wardrobe for years to come.



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