Essential Oil Perfume, Blended by Hand

Each of our V by Viscera roll-on essential oil perfumes are blended by hand. These all natural and organic perfumes are great for travel and easy to wear on the go. 

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An Introduction To Capsule Wardrobes

What is a Capsule Collection?

A lot of times when I tell someone at the shop about capsule collections I get a blank look in return, so I thought I'd write a blog post about capsule collections, why they're amazing, and who can benefit from them. 


Creating a Capsule Collection

While a lot of people think about closet organization and feel stressed, it doesn’t have to be that way! If you keep the right frame of mind, you’ll feel like your shopping in your own closet. It feels so good to put together outfits...


Minimalism & Creating Calm

I’m a huge fan of minimalism for a number of reasons, but the biggest benefit I see from living a minimalist lifestyle is the sense of calm it can create in stressful times. I know I’m not alone when I say I’m feeling more stressed lately


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Look, Ma! We're in the news.

Oakland Magazine

"Of late, Takata-Vasquez has noticed “a lot of bold, chunky prints on one end and a lot of tactile muted-texture layering on the other.” The store, which tends toward the limited color palette that’s reflected in many minimalist less-is-more style blogs, has customers who “come in for a full monochrome wardrobe who keep the colors the same but change up cuts and silhouettes.”"

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SF Chronicle

"While Oakland’s fashion scene is growing by the hour, the city’s downtown area hasn’t quite caught up. Yet it is there, among bars and eateries and just steps from the legendary Fox Theater, that Ariel Takata-Vasquez decided to establish her urban boutique, Viscera...." 



Don't miss the 3D jewelry they make, and sign up for their cool DIY workshops, such as how to make your own awesome wall hanging. Check out the concrete slab counter that was originally meant to be a bar for candles, iPhone cases, and more..."


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Downtown Oakland Brick & Mortar Shop

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Oakland, CA 94612



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