Ready for Anything: Travel Tips

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

It's January, and while most people are getting back from their vacations, I'm just getting ready to travel. My birthday is January 17th (see GIF below), and I almost always take a trip to celebrate. Maybe I'm biased, but I think it's the best birthday because it always falls on Martin Luther King day (3 day weekend what up), and flights are incredibly cheap to go almost anywhere. 

This year, I'm going to Stockholm, Sweden. I can't wait. It's basically the design capital of everything, has amazing museums, values public transit, so it's a dream boat of a city. I've even started learning a bit of Svenska in preparation. 

As I'm getting ready for this trip, I took a look back to a blog I wrote this time last year and, not surprisingly, little has changed in the way I pack for a trip. While I still travel very lightly and almost exclusively black clothes; I've also picked up a few new tricks. Here's are just a few packing hacks I've picked up in 2016.

Pack more socks than you think you need.

During our last trip to New York, not only were we walking a TON, but we got caught in the typical East Coast rain storms. Between walking the shows and accidentally stepping in puddles I had to change my socks at least once a day. Luckily, I had extra, but I was cutting it pretty close there at the end. The moral of the story here is to bring more socks than you think you need, and good quality ones at that. This might sound crazy,  but it actually can help you save money--hear me out. So you've just walked a mile to get to your destination, say a museum, then you spend two more hours on your feet standing around and walking, then you need to walk another mile back to your hotel. Your feet are killing you, doesn't splurging on a cab ride sound extra nice? An extra $10 won't hurt, right? Don't do it! 

Plan ahead and bring some good quality socks with you and you're ready for anything. I particularly like the Sockwell compression socks for flights because the prevent my feet from swelling, they're also great when I go on long runs. 

Get Fancy

Even if you aren't planning on going out anywhere special and think you're just going to be casual for the trip, bring at least one fancy thing. You never know what sort of party you might be invited to or special event is going on. Pack at least one item that can help elevate your outfit.


For the guys, that might be a tie to throw on with a collared shirt or a dressy hat. For the ladies maybe a light weight dressy blouse or a piece of statement jewelry. You'll be glad you have these small 'just in case' items so you won't be flustered trying to find a *Gasp* mall to buy something you'll only wear once.  


Don't be Left High & Dry

Since I've discovered Saison beauty's botanical spray, I haven't gone anywhere without it. Generally, I have pretty normal to dry skin, so while I don't have a long daily beauty routine, Saison is always a part of it. The spray is nice because it isn't too heavy, so no matter where you're going it's not going to be too intense. I also like using it mid-day when I start to feel tired. I also forget to drink water when I travel (you know the one thing you need to stay alive as human) and I definitely feel it in my energy levels. A little botanical spray mid-day is a natural, healthy pick-me-up. Don't worry fellas, these have a clean scent that isn't very floral so it's unisex, too.