Put Your Best Face Forward: Skin Care Essentials

by Brittany Redding

It’s no secret that time spent out in the sun can show up in the amount of sunspots and creases on our skin. Throughout these summer months, it’s especially important to remember the sensitivity of our skin by nourishing it with healthy, replenishing, and protective ingredients. When it comes to our skin’s health, we are firm believers that what you put on your skin is equally as important as what you put inside your body. That’s why, aside from the basic summer essentials (sunscreen, water, and a good face moisturizer!), we’ve stocked the store with some not-so-obvious skin care products that are sure to leave your skin looking vibrant and feeling hydrated!

Of all the elements necessary to achieve a radiant and wrinkle free complexion, arguably the most important is moisture. One of the oldest tricks in the book (and something that I live by religiously!) is to apply a hydrating body lotion, like Onyx Exchange’s fragrant Onyx No. 1, to the skin while it’s still damp from a shower or warm bath. Doing so traps in the water’s moisture and replenishes the skin after its natural oils have been stripped away by bath soaps and cleansers. If you have extremely dry or sensitive skin, try ditching harsh body washes all together and instead opt for an oil based soap made from earth’s natural ingredients. Onyx’s bar soaps, with scents like lavender and lemongrass, are all made with essential oils and are free from chemicals that leave the skin feeling dry and flaky. Get ready to kiss those ashy elbows goodbye!

Taking care of our skin and taking care of our health go hand in hand with one another and part of promoting positive health includes decreasing our stress levels. After a long day, there’s nothing better than taking off our makeup, lounging around the house, and winding down with a warm bath. Well that and maybe a bottle of wine...but we’ll save that for a different blog post. If you’re short on time or just want to hit the hay after a long day of work (we’ve all had those days!), wash the day away with a gentle makeup remover cleanser like We Love Eye’s Tea Tree Makeup Remover Oil and Eyelid and Eyelash Foaming Cleanser.

To double (or triple) up on the destressers, light a candle or two around the house or slip into a warm bath filled with bubbles, a bath bomb, or a detoxifying bath salt like our new lemon scented flavor from Onyx Exchange. A relaxed mind and body are gateways to eliminating dull skin and under eye circles so above all get some rest and get ready to put your best face forward (pun intended).