Meet Brittany! Our New Marketing and Merchandising Intern

by Brittany Redding

Where are you from?

That’s kind of a tough question. I was born in San Mateo, CA but I’ve moved around quite a bit. I spent most of my childhood between Fremont and the Tri-Valley area so I guess those are the closest things that I’ve got to a “hometown”. 

What do you do at Viscera?

I’m the new merchandising and marketing intern so this summer I’ll be primarily working on projects that help with brand development.

What are some of your interests and aspirations?

I love culture and linguistics so I’m pretty big on traveling and learning new languages. Right now, my goal is to travel to every world continent and all of the U.S states and territories. So far, I’ve traveled to 12 states and 1 U.S territory which is really exciting.  I also speak a fair amount of Spanish but I’ve been considering picking up another language. A couple of my friends have been learning Mandarin so I’m considering jumping on the bandwagon with them. 

How do you describe your style?

My style is definitely on the classic side but I try to switch it up every once in a while. I noticed that I wear a lot of gray and navy and also a lot of stripes. When I'm at school or lounging around the house, I always opt for sweat pants (mankind's best invention EVER!) and a simple t-shirt.

Favorite clothing item you own?

Oooh that’s a really hard question. I think it would probably be this deep brown, faux fur stole that I picked up during Zara’s sale last year. 

Most coveted item in the store?

I love a good chambray so I’m really liking some of the darker washed chambrays that we have in the store. 

Favorite spot in Oakland?

I really like Mad Oak over on 12th or the Lakeshore Farmer’s Market. If I'm in the mood for Mexican (which is always!) I'll stop by Tacos Mi Rancho over by the lake.

Favorite song at the moment?

I’m getting really into music covers on YouTube. Miley Cyrus does a really good cover of Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey so I’ve been listening to that quite a bit. Not better than the real thing but definitely a close second! 

Favorite designer and why?

Mansur Gavriel, for sure. I’ve yet to get my hands on one of their bags but I like how simple their designs are and how rich the color palette is.