Holiday Gift Guide for Coworkers and Acquaintances

by Karis Dodd



Ah, it’s that time of year again. The weather is colder, the radio is playing holiday tunes, and all of a sudden you have office parties and gift exchanges to shop for. Gift giving can be very rewarding and fun when shopping for close friends or family members, but it gets a little awkward when you’re tasked with buying something for someone you don’t know too well. Here at Viscera, we’re all a little bit awkward. But that’s why we’re here to help you be less awkward than us.


For just about anyone:

Ok, face it, everyone likes candles. They don’t take up a lot of space and they smell nice; what’s not to love? For just about anyone on your list, a candle is an easy gift that they’ll appreciate. Our Onyx exchange candles come in a variety of scents, so you can find the right one for all your acquaintances and office buddies.


For the office pal:

Everyone has at least a few work friends who they consider friends outside of work as well. However, there’s always a handful of people who you talk to by the coffee machine, catching up on exciting topics such as the weather or “how are the kids?”. They’re nice, and you want to get them a little something, but you probably don’t know that much about them. Plus, it would be weird to get them something super nice because who even knows if they’ll get you something in return? A classic notebook from Public Supply is a good option for the office pal. It’s useful in an office setting, and it’s cute enough to show them that you actually put in a little effort into picking out something for them.


For the new friend:

Maybe you’ve just met some really cool person at the coffee shop, fitness studio, or wherever who you just really vibe with. How did you not know this person before? They’re so cool! However, since you’ve only known them for a short amount of time, you’re starting to wonder how nice of a gift you should get them. Should you even give them a gift at all? If you find them to be gift-worthy, you might want to opt for something with a little more thought. This isn’t someone who is getting a candle (unless you know that they’re really into candles. In that case, go right ahead). A silk scarf from Modern Shibori or Argamon and Defiance is an easy accessory that anyone can pull off, and the quality of the product will signal that you’re in this friendship thing for the long haul. For guys, a knit beanie from Iron and Resin is another quality accessory that they can wear all winter long.


For that one child of a friend or family member:

Oh darn, you’re going to a holiday party and that one person with a kid is going to bring their spawn with them. It would probably be nice to pick up something for the little one so they don’t feel left out. As long as the child isn’t an actual baby or toddler, something crafty that will keep their messy hands busy is a gift for both child and parent alike. Pick up a Fiber Florist California Poppy DIY kit at the store - it’s a fun DIY project that comes with instructions and produces a bouquet of adorable felt poppies for the child to play with or put on display in their room.


For the person you don’t actually like very much:

Whether it’s the loud mouth at the office or your friend’s friend from yoga class who is way too into assessing everyone’s aura, there’s probably someone on your Christmas list this year who you would rather just...not. If you’re feeling snarky, give them one of our sassy pencil sets. We recommend “Stay Gold, Fucker” or “Department of Fuckery”. However, if you would rather your disdain for them continue to go unnoticed, might we direct you back to option number one.