A Simpler Resolution.

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

Year after year, we all make resolutions-- Lose weight. Save money. Stress less. The problem with these resolutions is their emphasis on a symptom rather than the real cause. The real problem is that we can't focus. We live in a noisy world filled with messages us telling us we need more, we need to keep up, we're not enough. 

In reality, we don't need to add more clutter but we need to learn to curate. We need to be highly discerning between what's worth our time, what's worth our space and what's worth our energy. There's no magic pill you can take to make your skinny, there's no magic app to save money and there's no concoction to make you relax. The only way to be happier is to minimize.  To reduce the noise in your life and really take the time to focus on the quality of things in your life and make sure everything taking up your mental space is worth it. Be bold, be discerning, be brave!

In January, we will focus on different realistic resolutions to make. Things that will actually make you happy. Things that are worth your time and will change your life for the best. Here's what you can expect from us in the coming month:

  • How to dress minimally: revisiting the 3-3-3 project
  • Traveling lightly 
  • Simple recipes to be healthier
  • Eliminating noise and taking the lead


Tell us what do you want out of 2016?   

Happy New Year!