The birthday

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

I'm now 24 years old. It's surreal. When I moved to San Francisco at 17, I didn't think 7 short years later I would own my own shop in Downtown Oakland. It's a wonderful feeling to wake up everyday excited about my work, impatiently excited for all the projects Viscera has ahead.

Miles (our 3D ops director and photographer) and Warren (a friend and resident model) planned a birthday party to celebrate my 24th year of life. We kept it fairly small with some snacks and our usual PBRs. We also met some fantastic new people and all around it was a great night. I was, however, a little bit jet lagged. I got off a plane returning from my home state, Hawaii, on Wednesday, had the party on Saturday and flew out on Sunday to New York for the tradeshows. It was a whirlwind. Which is why I haven't gotten around to writing it until almost a month later.