The Opening

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

After a number of set backs, Viscera's brick and mortar is open and approaching week two of being open quickly.  Like most worthwhile projects, there were a number of hurdles and trying moments.

As most of country saw on the news, Oakland was on fire. The protests against police brutality lasted for a few weeks and as usual, Oakland business (both large and small) suffered notable damage. Being that we are right on Broadway, our storefront was graffitied twice. Luckily the Downtown Oakland Association does a great job in cleaning up after such events.  Another set back we faced was with the biggest storm in the last couple of decades. The "Pineapple Express", as it's been named, blew the skylight off our of shop. Seeing it rain inside the shop was unsettling to say the least. Through these struggles though, it makes me so much more appreciative that the shop is up and running. We still have lots more to do but it's off to a fantastic start.  

All of our store was designed in-house so seeing the space manifest has been very exciting. 



Enjoy the photos of our finished shop and come see it in person! 

We're at 1542 Broadway in Downtown Oakland and open Monday-Friday 11am-5pm and Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm.