How to Find the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

by Karis Dodd

If you didn't know, we just got a brand new shipment of sunglasses from our favorite sunglasses company, Shwood! We love all the designs, so it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick a favorite pair. Well, to help make your decision easier, we're here to show you which styles will accent your face shape. We all have differently shaped faces - it's one of the many things that make us unique - and some styles of glasses complement our unique face shape better than others. So, the first step in picking the perfect sunglasses is figuring out the shape of your face!

There are 4 main face shapes that we all fall into: Heart, Square, Oval, and Circle. Every face is different, so you might feel that you are a mix of more than one, but it might be helpful to identify which shape you are closest to. 

You might have a square shape if...

- Your face width and length are pretty equal 

- Your forehead and jawline have a similarly angular appearance

- Your chin is flat or angular

- You have a strong jawline

- The widest point of your face are your cheekbones

If this sounds like you, your best picks for sunglasses are round or aviator shaped lenses. A retro square lens might be a bit too angular for your shape. Try these designs:

You might have a heart shape if...

- Your face narrows at the jawline and chin

- Your jawline is much more narrow than your hairline

- You have prominent cheekbones that are slightly wider than your lower forehead

- Your chin might be pointy or rather prominent 

If this sounds like you, try sunglasses that are wider on the top than the bottom. A slight cat eye shape will look great on you! Try these designs:


You might have an oval shape if...

- Your shape is longer than it is wide

- Your face is slightly wider at the cheekbone area

- Your jawline is slightly narrower than your temples

If this sounds like you, you're in luck! You can pull of almost every shape - square or round! Just make sure that they aren't too wide for your face. Try these designs:


You might have a round shape if...

- Your face width and length are pretty equal

- Your chin and jawline are more rounded than angular

- Your forehead is round and rounded at the hairline

- Your cheekbones are the widest point on your face, and they are likely very full

If this sounds like you, oversized and angular shapes will offset the roundness of your face's shape. Try these designs: