The Ultimate 'Made in USA' Valentine's Day Gift Guide

by Raissa Palacios

Do you want to surprise your Valentine with a well-thought out gift…that you really didn’t have to think about at all? Coming up with yet another gift so soon after Christmas can seem daunting. And no one wants to be that person who gifts the stereotypical, mass-produced chocolate plus teddy bear from a department store. Viscera’s put together a little list to get your ideas flowing! All made in the USA, made ethically, supporting a local, woman-owned business.

Natural Apothecary

With the V by Viscera line you really don’t need to worry about weird, unpronounceable ingredients or cutesy pink packaging (that might not fit your giftee’s aesthetic). The oils are lightweight enough to work for absolutely everyone. Their hair, skin, and nails will be taken care of (and you can buy them discounted as a set)! We also carry Beija Flor!

A Simple Black Dress

A Viscera classic! This basic black dress can be dressed up or down for Valentine’s Day, they are sized but the fit is flowy and the knit is forgiving so they’re basically a free size.

Warming Candle

These candles literally crackle when you light them, so you can close your eyes and pretend you’re by a fireplace with your significant other. There are a variety of woodsy scents to choose and it’s worth a quick visit to Viscera just to get a whiff of them all.

Fresh Fragrance

There is something here for everyone — V by Viscera’s fragrances are travel-friendly with note ranging from vanilla to sandalwood to jasmine and black pepper. All mixed by hand, made here in Oakland, CA.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Morning Fog is V’s number one best-selling product. This spray can be used as a room spray and/or a pick-me-up face spray for a morning or mid-day refresher. The ingredients are formulated to be safely used…everywhere!

Beautifully Designed Card

Viscera has a number of stylish, minimal cards that you’d never find in your local Hallmark. No obnoxious pink and red color palettes here, just classy neutral-toned graphics, clean backgrounds, and plenty of blank space to write your own appreciative thoughts.

If even these options still seem overwhelming, there’s always a gift card! Viscera has plenty of other gorgeously designed, locally made, specially curated products for your loved one to choose from.

We’ll see you soon! <3