Summer Deluxe to Autumn Amazing

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

It's that time of year-- Labor Day has passed and now we're officially getting into leaf-peeping season (it's a real thing you all)  and have to transition our wardrobes and skin care routines into the new season. In the Bay Area, this switch is particularly awkward. One day it's 75 and sunny and the next it feels like Carl the Fog is really out to get us. But not to worry, at Viscera, we're fans of a 'season-less' capsule wardrobe where you can mix and match your favorite pieces and not stress a thing. Here are our favorite things to help you go from Summer Deluxe into Autumn Amazing. 

1. Denim Skirt 

Skirts have got a bad wrap for a long time. For most, the idea of a skirt conjures up the image of a stuffy polyester office-wear with no comfort and the unfortunate matching blazer. But, it's 2018-- we have better options now. You can have it all! A skirt you can move it, with pockets, and machine washable. Does it get any better?


Our favorite skirt is the denim pencil because it's a dressier silhouette that can be paired with heels and a nice blouse for a fancier outing or with flats and a slouchy tee and leather jacket. This skirt is a go-to for the Summer to Fall transition because you can easily wear it with leggings and ankle boots-- and tah dahhh it's a year-round staple. 


2. Layering Pieces

We love layering pieces, not only because they make your wardrobe seasonless, but because they make almost any outfit slimming. By adding a good layering piece, you create a narrower silhouette that makes almost any outfit look better. I know I definitely need all the help I can get after recovering from Summer-time BBQs. The silk wrap we really love right now is easy to wear and can easily be stowed in a purse or bag for those surprise chilly days. It's also reversible, so it's actually a two-for-one. How's that for versatile? 

3. Dry-Skin Rescue

Another consideration for the Summer to Fall switch is your skin care needs. We notice now that it's getting a little windier and cooler, you need to get on the defensive with skin care. Our favorite go-to is the Everything Balm. It's great for cuticles, knuckles, elbows-- basically anywhere that your Summer skin didn't need help but your Autumn skin does. The everything balm is non-greasy and is TSA safe so you can bring it with you just about anywhere.