Springtime Skin and Hair Care

by Karis Dodd

Ah, the change of seasons! Spring brings sunny days, blooming flowers, and shedding layers, but even if the changes are appreciated, we need to give our bodies a little help adjusting. Warmer weather brings more sweat (gross I guess, but it's true), which means that extra care should be taken to keep skin and hair clean and healthy. However, washing too often can actually strip our skin and hair of the nature moisture that they need to stay healthy and radiant. So, how should we go about balancing staying clean and healthy? The key is using the right kind of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner made with essential oils to help clean and moisturize your body! 

All skin care items carried at Viscera are made with healthy natural ingredients such as essential oils.

First of all, to understand the benefits of products made with essential oils, you probably want to know what essential oils are. These oils are "essential" in that they contain the essence of a plant's fragrance. They are usually extracted through distillation, often by using steam, but could be extracted in a number of different ways. In short, these are oils that moisturize your skin and hair while adding a natural, lovely fragrance. So, what's so great about essential oils?

1. Essential oils leave skin and hair feeling and smelling amazing without synthetic fragrances. We carry Shamarwyn brand body wash, lotion, and hair products that are all scented with various essential oils including French Lavender, Rosemary and Mint, and Lemongrass and Sage. Note: they all smell awesome.

2. Essential oils can help reduce dandruff or itchiness of the scalp because they balance sebum production, creating a healthy and happy scalp! This is especially important in the spring when your hair might become greasier faster with increased sweat production. Washing your hair more often could cause dryness on your scalp, so using a shampoo and conditioner that balances sebum production while adding moisture back into the scalp is super important!

3. Essential oils can promote healthier hair growth and prevent hair loss and thinning. When your scalp is balanced and the hair follicles and surrounding blood vessels are stimulated, your hair can grow healthier, thicker, and longer. Just imagine your luscious locks shining in the springtime sun! If shampoo and conditioner aren't cutting it, try adding a hair oil into your hair care routine. Massage into the scalp to stimulate growth or comb through the ends of your hair to remedy stubborn split ends. 

4. Essential oils are therapeutic, invigorating, relaxing, and help with balancing mood. They are often used for aromatherapy and different oils can have different effects on mood. For example, lavender has long been regarded as a relaxing scent that can help you achieve a peaceful night's sleep. If you've been having trouble relaxing at night, try washing your hair with French Lavender shampoo and conditioner, showing with a French Lavender body wash, or spritzing your pillow with an essential oil spray (like our Sweet Dreams Darling spray infused with Lavender and Chamomile!) 

Lavender Essential Oil Spray


So, get ready for spring with some new skin and hair care products infused with natural and healthy essential oils! Your body will surely thank you :)

*Information on the benefits of Essential Oils from Shamarwyn.com