One Bag, Three Day Getaway

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

one bag three day get away

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and that means a 3-day weekend! If you're like me, you love little weekend trips to recharge and take a break from the usual grind. I'm especially learning the importance of taking little opportunities to relax when they arise. I usually have a hard time justifying a full week long vacation, but a weekend trek is such an easy amount of time to manage it'd be silly not to go somewhere fun. With a short trip, it's all about decompressing, so why stress yourself out trying to figure out what to pack? Keep it simple, you'll realize a minimalist approach does wonders for traveling. Really, all you need is a small tote of clothes and toiletries and you're free to explore! It can be tricky to not over pack for a 3-day weekend trip, so I created an easy guide for traveling super light for a three-day getaway for guys and girls. 

For the Ladies

Recipe for an easy 3-day weekend
- Maxi Dress
- Tank Top 
- Favorite pair of jeans
- Long Sleeve Raglan
- Comfy Sandals 
- Waist belt or body chain


Throw on your favorite pair of jeans with a well-draped tank top and you're good to go. It's a relaxed look and you're just about ready to go anywhere. Bring that raglan with you again and pop that baby on if it gets chilly. It's an easy look especially if you're hoping on a short flight or even taking a road trip down to LA. 


Pair your maxi dress with a cute pair of sandals and you're ready to chill out by the pool or take a relaxing stroll around a new neighborhood. Maxi dresses are super versatile and relieve some of the stress of putting together an outfit. If you're going someplace with a pool, you can use your maxi dress as a cover-up. Best of if you're going out to dinner, you can easily throw on a body chain or high-waisted belt to dress-up your dress! I love the Melissa cosmic slides with a nice maxi dress because they're not only great for walking around (arch support heaven) but they're waterproof! Wear these sandals to the pool without fear! 


Throw your raglan on with your favorite jeans and you're set. This is my favorite weekend outfit because it's so cozy and feels like loungewear without looking like it. Raglans are super versatile and easy to wear. Rest easy Monday night knowing you don't have a ton of laundry from your vacation waiting for you!


For the Fellas 

Recipe for a laid back weekend: 
basic t-shirt
- Pocket Tee 
- Favorite Pair of Jeans
- Canvas Shacket (what we like calling heavy-weight button ups that are shirts+ jackets)


Throw on that pocket tee and your favorite pair of jeans and you're set. It's a super casual look and we love the drop shoulder. It's an effortless look that is great on all body types. 


Throw on your favorite viscera Tee and your shacket with a pair of jeans and your set. The best part of a shacket is that your shirt does double duty as a dress shirt. If you decide to go on a fancy dinner, just button that bad-boy up and you're good to go. It's really the best two-for-one deal out there. 


Wear that dress shirt, well as a shirt. You can get away with wearing it twice because you wore a t-shirt under it yesterday. WOOOO less laundry! Who doesn't love traveling this light?