Minimalism Series: What's a Capsule Collection?

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

This is the second installation of our Minimalism Series. You can read the last post about using minimalism to create calm. 

capsule collection to develop minimalist closet

With a new season rolling around, warm weather clothing is emerging from the depths of closets across the Bay Area. I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about something I love-- capsule collections! A lot of times when I tell someone at the shop about capsule collections I get a blank look in return, so I thought I'd write a blog post about capsule collections, why they're amazing, and who can benefit from them. 

What's a capsule collection? 

Put simply, a capsule collection is a well-curated selection of timeless wardrobe staples that don't go out of style. The idea is that you have your core items year round and mix in seasonal pieces. A fun piece of fashion history, the term "capsule collection" was made popular in the 70s by Susie Faux, the owner of a boutique called Wardrobe in London. A capsule collection is stylish, interchangeable and very versatile.  

Why have a capsule collection?

A capsule wardrobe is so sensible and makes life so much easier! I've been dressing with a capsule collection for the last four years and it's been life changing. I'm not a morning person (thus the vast amounts of coffee and donuts I consume to get through the AM), and stressing over what to wear would leave me feeling rushed and anxious. Why start your day that way? A capsule collection alleviates so much of that stress because everything works together. I no longer have to worry about matching separates or wear anything ill-fitting, because everything in my closet is "plug and play" and all of it fits me well.

Developing a capsule collection has helped me to refine my style and find the colors and cuts that work for both my skin tone and body-type. I also avoid the decision fatigue and anxiety that comes with getting dressed in the morning. We all make so many decisions throughout the day, why add in more stress? Instead, save your mental energy for more rewarding creative things like working on your passion project. 

Another benefit of a capsule collection is that it's smaller than a typical wardrobe. With fewer pieces doing more work (i.e. actually getting worn regularly) you can invest in better quality pieces. The idea of fewer, better is at the heart of the capsule collection. Why buy 5 or 6 mediocre quality $25 shirts, only to have them wear-out after a few washes, when you could invest in one $100 shirt that looks great and will last you for years?

Who should have a capsule collection? 

Anyone who's tired of looking at their full closet and saying "I have nothing to wear". We're all busier than ever. Save your mental energy for the important things. Capsule collections are also a great way to approach sustainable fashion. By owning fewer items, and consuming more consciously, you can reduce your environmental footprint by buying fewer, better quality pieces. Get off the fast-fashion hamster wheel, people!

Now that you know more about capsule collections, what's next? In next week's installation of our Minimalism Series, I'll talk about the best way to start or refine your capsule collection! If you aren't already, sign-up for our email list to get notified when our blog posts come out. 

Do you dress with a capsule collection?  Need a bit more help creating your capsule collection? We offer personal closet consultations.