Meet Ronan-- Our Shop Manager

by Ronan Baird

Where are you from?
Jersey boy born and raised! I grew up in your typical suburban township and eventually relocated to various neighborhoods in New York; most of my time there was spent in Brooklyn.


What do you do at Viscera?
I will be working with Ari as the Retail Operations Manager; in addition I will be assisting with creative tasks ie. Visual Merchandising and Graphic Design. I'm incredibly excited to utilize my creative background as a tool to help Viscera's continued growth.

What are some of your interests and aspirations?
Art and music have always been my first loves. Researching new designers and artists with a good album playing in the background is my favorite way to relax. I also do my own art and aspire to be more prolific and involved in the Oakland art community. In addition I do have a nerdy passion for comic book and video game art; you’d be surprised how inspiring much of the art direction can be.


How do you describe your style?
I’d describe my style as vintage meets preppy/modern. I’m a huge fan of color and unique and quirky textiles. Over the years I’ve developed a knack for mixing and balancing various prints and colors.

Favorite clothing item you own?
My favorite piece by far is my black velvet bomber with a gorgeous floral pattern woven in. It’s the prime example of my vintage meets modern aesthetic. 


Most coveted item in the store?
By and far Ari’s beautiful and unique 3D printed jewelry. The designs are nothing that I’ve seen before and are truly what, in my opinion, define’s Viscera’s design aesthetic.

Favorite spot in Oakland? 
Lake Merritt will always be my happy place. Whether it’s going for a run or meeting up with my friends for a lovely day in the sun it’s a place that always brings me peace of mind and joy. For a delicious bite I highly recommend Sequoia Diner; you’ll wait about a decade but I promise you it’s worth it.

Favorite song at the moment?
Way too many to list so instead I will discuss some artists I enjoy. Overall I usually gravitate towards indie/synth pop; this can either be more retro artists (Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure) or recent artists (Chvrches, Robyn, Cut Copy); I find the mix of melancholy meets electronic dance sound to be incredibly beautiful and atmospheric.  In addition I’ve been a fan of Madonna since I was a child. Her music, visual artistry and fearlessness really inspired me during difficult times in my youth.


Favorite creative and why? 
Eugenia Loli is a recent favorite of mine. Her stellar mix of collage work and political commentary mixed with a subversive sense of humor is truly inspiring. I’ve also recently discovered Ego Rodriguez. His work is almost Warhol-ian with a modern, quirky and queer-centric edge and sense of humor.