Goodbye, San Francisco!

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

Goodbye San Francisco, it’s been real! Yesterday, was the last day of our San Francisco pop-up and we’re heading back to the East Bay. While it’s been great exploring the Lower Haight neighborhood and testing out this concept, we’ve made the decision to simplify so we can focus on our Oakland shop and developing our brand. San Francisco has been a blast-- but ultimately it’s Oakland where we’ve left our hearts (despite what Tony Bennett says).  When we opened the San Francisco store, I deemed it our “West Bay” location because Oakland is the center of our world, it's our home. Now, with this simpler approach, we can focus on developing the relationships with our Oakland folks and I can spend more time on the things I love like designing and helping our customers curate closets they love.

Viscera as a brand has always been about simplicity, deliberateness, and minimalism. With this transition, I’m taking my own advice --we’re doing more by having less. Simplifying our operations will allow me to focus on designing and creating products to grow our brand. With this new focus, I’m excited to also announce that we have a new project being released on October 2nd! A couple of months ago, I shared our vision for the future of local production and a crowdsourced approach to design-- this new project a step toward fulfilling that vision. We’re launching a collection of travel accessories that will be made in Oakland and we want you to be a part of the process.

Our new travel line will be released as a pre-production model. What does that mean exactly? In short, we designed items for you to preview, you vote on which items you want to go into production by pre-ordering, and then the winners go into production when we reach our minimum threshold. We want you to be a part of our process and this new model lets us do just that. Sign up for updates below and you'll get special discounts, access to limited items and be a part of our growth!

Be a Part of Our New Project

So it’s with enthusiasm that I share this new clarity and direct with you and hope you’ll be a part of this new iteration of our brand!