#EverydayReal: Marion & Jasmine


#EverydayReal Photoshoot Viscera Oakand


Last weekend we put together another #EverydayReal photoshoot with friends/customers Marion & Jasmine. They have been customers at the shop from the very beginning. They both work in sustainability nonprofit sector and even though they no longer work at the same organization, the get lunch together weekly at their favorite restaurant around the corner from the shop. It was a gorgeous weekend and it felt like we went straight from Winter into Summer with no time for Spring. It was so nice to be able to finally style our models in warm weather clothing and accessories. For this shoot we had make-up by Tamra Marie and photography by Josh Egel. It's always fun shooting friends together because the energy is so relaxed and we get to capture images in their, well, everyday style. 

Look 1 

For our first look, we styled both Marion and Jasmine in the same Viscera raglans and paired them with different accessories for totally different looks. Shout-out to Natasha from The Consistency Project for lending us some Vintage denim for the shoot. 


#everydayreal photoshoot marion and jasmine

#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera

#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera


Oatmeal Raglan (in-store only)
Neckercheif (in-store only)
Speckle Scarf
Shwood Sunglasses - Ainsworth 
Shwood Sunglasses - Cannon
Melissa Cosmic Slide 
Brocatelle Cuff
Cartouche Bracelet


Look 2 

We put both Marion and Jasmine in the perfect Spring dresses from Lacson Ravello. Both dresses are quality fabrics and can be dressed up or down, even worn as a tunic with a great pair of leggings or skinny jeans. For these looks, we loved using graffiti in the neighborhood as our backdrop. Oakland is amazing for all of these hidden gems on side streets and parking lots. 


#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera

#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera

#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera

Belle Dress
Luis Dress (in-store only)
Fancy Fedora Jackie Hat
Esperanza Workshop Clutch (in-store only) 


Look 3

We're loving warm neutral colors this Spring, so we styled Marion in a camel colored dress and Jasmine in our new favorite color-blush! Beiges, tans, and peach all work well with a greyscale wardrobe. So if you're already someone who wears black, white and grey, think about adding in a little more to your wardrobe. 

#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera

#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera

#Everydayreal photoshoot Viscera

Bell Sleeve Top
Melissa x Cambridge Satchel
Vanessa Dress (in-store only)
Damask Bracelet

A very special thanks to Marion and Jasmine for volunteering to be our models! 


Want to be a part of our next #EverydayReal Photoshoot campaign? Email info@Viscerastudio.com ! 

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