Cha Cha Cha Changes!

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

One of our very first shop parties in January 2015

I'm so excited to announce that we're refining and redesigning our brand to reflect our design perspective today. When we closed the SF shop, we decided we wanted to focus in on the Oakland shop, designing great products, and the creative community that we've called home in Oakland. With this redesign of our brand and store, we're making it happen.

When I opened the shop in 2014 I was an entirely green entrepreneur and hadn't made a product before and was winging just about everything. I was just learning how to make jewelry, learning out how to run a shop, and hacking my way through the fashion industry. Four years later, I still don't feel like I know what I'm doing, but now I have more experience to draw from and a community that I know is here to figure it out with me. 

While this is a redesign, in some ways we're going back to basics and focusing on the things that make Viscera unique. So, what does this mean? You'll see this redesign reflected in a few different ways-- the two biggest changes you'll see is our new website and our redesigned storefront. The website is going to feel more like us; you'll notice new photography as well as product copy that sounds more like who we are. No more boring descriptions-- if you should buy something because it's badass, we'll say just that. The other big change is the store redesign. I could not be more pumped about this. I literally rearrange my apartment every December-- without fail (if you don't, believe me, there's photo evidence on my personal insta @ariinaferrari sandwiched somewhere between dog photos). I'm so excited about this because I get to physically express this new chapter for the business. I'm personally very attached to the shop, it's my baby, and this redesign feels like being about to watch that baby grow up and become what it was fully meant to be (I know this is maybe too mushy for 4 walls and a roof, but it is my second home). In more practical terms, we're changing the arrangement of the shop to create a more natural shopping flow and we're creating more spaces to sit down and hang out. One thing that isn't changing about the shop is that we're still a community space and so we want to make the shop more conducive to hosting salon-style events. 

Which brings us to a bit of change in terms of our content and programming. We're going to host more intimate events with creatives in our community, we're bringing back regular happy hours, and will be expanding some of our workshop offerings. In terms of our content, we're bringing back our "Sunday Paper" weekly newsletter filled with good things happening in our community and of course a dog photo or two, reorganizing our blog content, and will be producing more editorial content across our social media channels. Our blog will include city guides (keep an eye out for our write up of Downtown Las Vegas), product and material edits, and features on creatives we love. 

So, now that you know what to expect I hope you'll be a part of this new chapter. We're painting, hammering, and merchandising away for the next couple of days but I hope you'll come by on Plaid Friday (11/23) to celebrate with us. We'll have drinks flowing all day and some excellent sales to kick off the Holiday season.