Big News! Viscera is About to be Twice as Nice

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

I have some big news for Viscera! I've been working on this for a few months now and I'm so excited to finally be able to tell you all about it. Viscera is opening a second location in Old Oakland for the Holidays! The second shop is going to be a little different concept with primarily beauty/apothecary products (made by yours truly) and essentials like undergarments and basics. Fittingly, it's called V by Viscera. 

Everything about this collection was done in-house. I blended all the perfumes by end, designed the labels, and we even took a trip to Marin for all of the photos

This is a concept I've been working on for about two years and now is finally the right time to make it happen. 2017 has been an extremely stressful year and I've seen a lot of my friends and family feel the physiological effects of stress. V by Viscera is all about taking it back to basics and self-care. I want you to walk in and know you a place you can chill, relax, and enjoy treating yourself. I've also named it V by Viscera because it's stripped back-- all the products are natural, organic, and only are scented with essential oils (so there are never any synthetic or alcohol-based scents or chemicals). With V by Viscera we're taking minimalism beyond style. It's all about simple, good things. 

902 Washington St. --soon to become V by Viscera

For Viscera as a small business, this second location is crucial in making sure we're sustainable. A few months ago, I crowdfunded and our community really came together to make sure Viscera could keep it's doors open in the face of all the construction we've had in front of the shop (likely if you're reading this you backed it, so thank you!) Foot traffic on Broadway has still been difficult, but the silver lining is that business has been picking up a bit now that Fall has made its debut. V by Viscera will help the shop become less dependent on foot traffic on Broadway and stabilize us to make sure we go into 2018 strong! 

The soft opening for V by Viscera is Tuesday 11/7 with a big opening party to follow soon. So, stop by next week and check out the new shop for yourself. Not to worry, I'll be bouncing between both locations so you'll still see me at the Broadway shop. 

P.S. ICYMI, we now have a mini shop-in-shop with our new Issues Annex at Viscera on Broadway. Our annex has magazines about photography, design, travel, and more, so stop by and check out all the new things we got going!