Meet Karis: Marketing Intern

by DeShara Suggs-Joe


We have quite a few new faces around here, so we want to take the time to introduce them all to you. We had our three newest employees interview each other, and today we are introducing you to our marketing intern, Karis!

Where are you from? I’m from Dallas, TX

What do you do at Viscera? I’m an intern and mainly work with our marketing on social media and on the blog, but I also help with inventory and planning as well. Whatever needs to be done, I’m happy to help!

What are some of your interests and aspirations? I love fashion, obviously, so I have a personal style blog that I post to occasionally. I love independent labels and boutiques and hope to open my own store one day (which is why this is clearly the BEST internship!) 

How do you describe your style? My style is always evolving, and, I think, maturing. I used to wear a lot of bohemian and grungy stuff and my mom always said I looked “frumpy”. These days, however, I appreciate a more put together look and I try to keep it pretty simple. I don’t wear a lot of color, and while I certainly do like statement pieces, I keep them as just that – statements. So if I’m wearing a big metal necklace, for example, I’ll pair it with a simple black dress or something like that.

Favorite clothing item you own? I actually just ordered this dress and received it in the mail recently and I think it’s going to become a favorite. It’s a black bodycon dress that reaches just below the knees. It's very flattering without being revealing, which I like.

Most coveted item in the store? Probably the Manubrium Necklace. It’s really edgy and makes such a statement.

Favorite spot in Oakland? Stag’s Lunchette – it’s right by the shop and Ari introduced me to their grilled cheese with bacon whiskey chutney and I have never looked back

Favorite song at the moment? DIIV’s new single called Dopamine

Favorite designer and why? As far as big names go, I love Alexander Wang. I wear a lot of black, so I like that his clothes don't involve a lot of color and have a slightly dark style. The designs are intense while still being rather simple and clean. I just love everything about his brand, from the clothes to how the retail stores are laid out and designed.

Follow Karis on Instagram @Karisodd