SHOP TALK: Where we've been + boozy milkshakes

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

Ari is the owner and creative director of Viscera and Miles designs 3D printed jewelry and does most of Viscera's photography. In this post we talk over dinner at Umami Burger about where we're going and how far we've come in the last year.  We also ended our night was the best homemade boozy milkshakes (recipe included). 
Ari: Today, I got an update from Shopify saying I started my online shop a year ago. Can you believe how quickly a year has gone by? 
Miles: Right? A year ago we were just talking about the idea of starting a shop and I think the original name was going to be "Gris". I'm pretty glad we went with Viscera, it's more suiting to our aesthetic. 
Ari: That seems like an eternity ago. We've learned so much. A year ago we never had been to a tradeshow, didn't know where the shop would be and had no idea how to run a photoshoot. I think since then we've had six shoots, been to four tradeshows and the shop has been open for seven months. The other day I looked at a photo of the shop when it was raw. It doesn't seem like the same space. Now it feels like home. 
Miles: We've done a lot of work. Do you remember when the skylight blew off? That was insane. 
Ari:  Of course. There was so much water in the shop. I think a couple days after that the shop was tagged because of the protests. That was a weird time. I was pretty stressed out, but now it's all worth it. I haven't 'worked' in a while. I get to have fun at the shop and be creative. I think it was worth it. But, for a week or so there, I wasn't sure the shop would open. 
Miles: Where do you think Viscera will be in five years?
Ari: Maybe we'll have an East Coast location, too. 
Miles: If there is, it better be in Philly.  
Ari: That would be dope. I warm up to Philly more each time I'm there.  It's got the same sort of attitude as Oakland but it's more old school. I'd be down for Philly, as long as we get to build a parklet there, too. 
Miles: I don't see why not. By then we'll probably be more developed on the studio side of the business. Now we've done, what, two space designs and couple branding projects? 
Ari: Yea, I think so. We might have a couple more coming along. 
Miles: Do you think people know about the design side of things? 
Ari: Probably not, but I think that'll change eventually. I think now that we're expanding what we do, we're more of tastemakers or curators than anything. As long as we stick to American-made, I'd be happy curating. Maybe when we're in Philly next month we can check out some brands. 
Miles: Are you excited about Philly? I am. I haven't been back in a while. I miss it. I just want to hang out there. We should do a blog post about that trip. 
Ari: Yea, we definitely will.  
Miles: Are you excited for New York next month? That's going to be awesome. 
Ari:  We've definitely got a lot of work to do. It'll be a crazy trip. We have to visit a bunch of friends, go to like four tradeshows and maybe fashion week. I'm really excited to be back there though. I love New York. Is it time for shakes yet?
Miles: Definitely. 
Boozy Shake Recipe
1 shot jameson 
3 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
1.5 cups Vanilla Ice Cream
3 Oreos (two blended, one topping) 
1 oz. Espresso shot 
 Blend the ice cream, Bailey's, Jameson and two Oreos together in a blender for about a minute. It should be smooth and the Oreos should be little specks. 
Then take one oreo and crush it in a plastic bag and sprinkle it on top. 
Finally, enjoy!