Viscera Custom Jewelry: Victor

by Ari Takata-Vasquez


We did an interview/photo session with our friend Victor. He was one of the first to create a custom 3D print with us. We interviewed him in his amazing home in the historic Cathedral building in the heart of Downtown Oakland.  Read about how he created the perfect gift using digital fabrication. 


Tell us a little about yourself. 

For work, I'm a menswear buyer and have been in fashion for about five years. I love Oakland. I like local art, going to galleries on 15th street and hanging out with all those cool people. Because there are so many creative people, you can walk in any direction and you'll meet chill people-- it's the best part of Oakland. The art piece in here is actually done by the local artist, Irot. You'll see a bunch of his pieces on walls around Oakland.

My other favorites are basketball, beer, and obviously clothes.  


Since you're in fashion, I have to ask: Who is your favorite designer?

Brunello Cuccinelli. Wrap me in cashmere all the time.  Everything he makes is high quality. If you're going to produce something it might as well be the best, timeless pieces. 



Where did you get inspiration for your custom piece?

I wanted to get this piece as a gift for my girlfriend. I wanted something unique for her.

The concept was inspired by Islamic art. I wanted a piece of their tilework but in a three-dimensional form. The idea was also fleshed out by talking with Miles [Viscera's jewelry designer] over beers. I sent him a bunch of pictures and he came up with a design, we made a few adjustments. It was awesome. 


That's a great gift. What was her reaction like? 

She likes it so much she has an alter for it in her room. It came in a pretty little box. But I did spill the beans a little early. I was so excited I told her about it a week before it arrived, even though it was supposed to be a surprise.  We originally had it printed in a translucent acrylic, but Miles recommended doing it in a strong flexible plastic so it would be more wearable. 

Before this, how familiar were you with 3D printing?

Zero percent familiar.  I knew it existed. I really liked the idea that you could make something different, complex and exciting using this technology. 


 Last and most important question; what are your three favorite bars and restaurants in Oakland? 

The Hatch, definitely, Ruby Room and Bar 355. I love Bar 355's fancy walls and they have the best martinis. I also love their pegu club, it's a gin fruity concoction. They'll make it for it you if you ask nicely.

For restaurants; Xolo, actually, I've been having a Xolo craving so I'm going tonight. I also like Hawker Fare, you can't go wrong with any sort of meaty ribs. Giant Burger is also a winner.

Thanks for interviewing with us! Your place is GORGEOUS. You did a great job with redesigning this historic space.  If I lived here I'd spend all day staring out the windows.  


you can find Victor on instagram and twitter @victorkali32