Why does Viscera only have neutrals?

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

The short answer: Minimalism.
The long answer is the 333 project. I simplified my life and wardrobe and realized the only way it can work is without colors. I did this project out of desperation and a need for calm. Now, if you told me three years ago that doing the 333 project would influence as much in my life as it has-- I would have laughed and still be wearing color. The 333 project improved my life and so I want to share my story with you. 
Three years ago I came across the 333 project after following zenhabits for some time. I was working a full-time project management job, had just bought a house, adopted a second pitbull (I'm a big advocate of pit-bull rescue, if you haven't already seen my overkill of Charlie and Lola photos on instagram) and was starting grad school at UC Berkeley. I felt the crushing weight of 'too much'. I decided I need to make my time matter and only spend it on things that are important to achieving my goals. And spending 45 minutes getting ready in the morning was not my goal. 
So I read through the guides and posts on the 333 project and went for it. I cut down my wardrobe to 33 items and even found that some pieces I included I really didn't even need. The part that was tricky for me was finding pieces that could work all day. I needed outfits that were professional so people at work would take me seriously, especially since I was a 20 year old project manager and sort of looked like 'bring your daughter to work day' if I was casual. At the same time I also didn't want people in grad school to think I was overdressed. On top of that it also had to be durable and comfortable since I have two 50+ lb dogs. After a little work, I found that cutting color out was the only thing that worked. I stripped my wardrobe down to neutrals because they're great year round, always look classy and on top of that black cotton/jerseys look much dressier than any other color. The 333 project was one of the crucial things that kept me sane through a crazy part of my life. 
So that's it. Now you know why Viscera exclusively carries black, white, grey and pseudo-neutrals. I love everything in my closet now (admittedly, being a boutique owner I have many more than 33 items, but they are all greyscale and I still get rid of anything I haven't worn in more than a month.) 
Now my closet has changed in the most beautiful and simple way.