Mini Design Library

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

We love all things design, so it was only logical for us to make a space just for our creatives. We  made a mini design library at the front of the shop. You can find a book, magazine, journal to thumb through while you listen to mellow music and people watch.
When I’m stuck in a creative rut and can’t find my way out, my go to solution is a good magazine or book. Something as simple as a thoughtful layout can get my mind going and suddenly the ideas are flowing faster than I can write. We’re still building our collection and we’ll be adding some new coffee table books to the mix very soon. After all, when it comes to beautiful photography, bigger is better.
Weekly, we’ll also post little prompts to provoke your design-thinking. You can write down your response and tag us on instagram. We’ll change these questions up every Monday.
What do you think of our new mini design library?