Meet Cara! Our New Sales Associate

by Cara Anderson

Where are you from?

Hmmm....Well, up until a few years ago, the answer was not so simple, because I moved around a lot growing up (No, I'm not an army brat ;) Finally, after years of finding the simple question tiresome to answer, I decided to land on which region I felt most strongly connected. Now, I say I grew up in Southern California, because it's where I believe my most formative years took place.


 What do you do at Viscera?

I'm the new sales associate and I hope to bring years of customer service, sales experience, and a background in organization to the continued success of an impressive operation. 

What are some of your interests and aspirations?

I have been painting and drawing my entire life. I gravitate toward art forms that evoke emotions latent under the surface. When I was a teenager I became very interested and inspired by film. I started watching film to better understand my own humanity and realized that much of my love for the medium was due to its all encompassing art form and its spontaneous ability to stir my emotional landscape. Despite growing up with two mental health professional parents, it was film that changed the emotional trajectory of my soul. 

Professionally, I plan to start a business powered and employed by women to help maintain a simple life. 

How do you describe your style?

A juxtaposition between masculine and feminine. I'd say I'm edgy with a hint of softness.

Favorite clothing item you own?

That's tough. My style has definitely evolved over time. These days, I prefer simple cuts and structure. Currently, I feel most comfortable in a pair of quality denim (I have a favorite pair of Diesel jeans I've owned for 13 years), a simple t-shirt, and authentic vans.

Most coveted item in the store?

I love Sock Hop button downs, that's easy.

Favorite spot in Oakland?

It's evolving. I think Wolfhound is one of my favorite bars because it's local, feels neighborhood-ly and I'm comforted by the community aspect of the space. 

Favorite song at the moment?

Justin Timberlake, "I Can't Stop The Feeling." It's so good! I love the video it's so happy, but that's not typical of my musical preferences. I've also been revisiting some old favorites from Sia. Her 2008 album, "Some People Have Real Problems" is probably one of my favorites albums from any artist. "Buttons" is a favorite and I have been recently gravitating toward that song again. I love music that takes me on an emotional journey. When a song can embroider different genres and influences in a way that's still original and unique to that artist, I'm in sensory heaven. 

Favorite designer and why?

Opening Ceremony because of their sharp lines and bold cuts.