Viscera Artist: Meet Leo

by Ari Takata-Vasquez


I'm happy to introduce Leo Cameron Felix, our first Viscera artist of 2017! Leo creates imagery using nails, screws, and wire to "draw" three dimensionally. His work is striking (pun intended) and really does need to be experienced in person to fully capture the intricate beauty of his art. When Leo isn't busy creating art, he is a practicing architect in San Francisco. I got to ask Leo some questions about his background and his work in preparation for our opening reception on First Friday-- plus you get a little sneak peek into his studio in the Mission. 

Where are you originally from? 

I was raised in Twin Lakes, Georgia

What brought to you to the bay area?

I came to the Bay Area quite literally for the life experience; adventure. I grew up in the southeast, but after living in DC for a year and several European travels, I knew I needed to expand my horizons.

When you aren't creating art, what do you spend your time doing?

I love live-music, I travel whenever I can afford it, and I am a little fanatical about staying fit; it's been proven exercise actually works your brain too, not just your body.


How did you come up with the process for your work?

The process for the wire-art started sometime during my architectural training. I've always had a technical, precise drawing style and have been drawn to the lines, textures, and patterns found in nature since my earliest memories. The intent was to create an image or a sensation using an arrangement of lines. However, not drawn lines (2D), but actual, tangible lines (3D)...a series of physical connections between two or more points, hence the wire connections between a field of wood screws and trim nails.

What's your favorite food spot in the bay area? 

Favorite Bay Area food spot? Other than my girlfriend's kitchen, probably Tacqueria Cancun near 18th on Mission...their late-night clutch burritos after a long night in the studio are integral to my survival.


Analog or digital?

ANALOG...with the exception of music.


What inspires your work? 

My art is most often inspired by naturally occurring patterns, textures, lines, and shapes found in biology, entomology, botany, microbiology, etc. and how they can be juxtaposed with very man-made geometries, grids, patterns, and line-work.

Who are your role-models/idols?

    My role models are Richard Dawkins (free-spirit and rational thought), Antonio Gaudi / Renzo Piano (creativity, craftsmanship, attention to detail), and Barack Obama (he is the coolest guy I've ever seen...period).


    Come by the shop and see Leo's amazing work for yourself. We're having an opening reception on First Friday 2/3 from 6-8pm and would love to see you there.