#EverydayReal: Photoshoot with Christie & Jeff

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

If you're on our e-newsletter, you might remember a little while back I asked our wonderful real-life customers to be part of our #everydayreal campaign. I have so many interesting, creative and stylish customers that shop at Viscera that I wanted to highlight them and how Viscera items fit into their lives. Being yourself is a powerful thing in a world filled with photoshopped Kardashians and impossibly perfected instagram feeds. To show the power of authenticity and well, being real,  we didn't photoshop any of these images. What you're seeing is real life and it's wonderful and vibrant. To be fair, we also had an amazing photographer-- Miles Bianchi. You might recognize his name, because he also designs our jewelry (you can see more of the creative things we do on VisceraDesign.com)
In addition to showing how awesome being real is, I wanted our #everydayreal campaign is to illustrate just how easy it can be to dress for different occasions without a huge wardrobe.   I carefully curate everything at Viscera to easily fit into your life. We're all so busy with so many demands from work, life, and then we're expected to always look showered everyday (cruel world!). We all have so much going on, we don't have a ton of time to think about what we're putting on in the morning--and I think that's okay. We have a ton of creative potential, why waste 45 minutes of it every day on deciding what to wear? I carefully pick our pieces so you don't have to. You can build a wardrobe you love, that's stylish, easy, and comfortable (not to mention USA-made). 
We did our very first #everydayreal photo shoot with the awesome, Christie & Jeff. They both are our weekend regulars who make Viscera their stop after Donut Savant (btw, if you haven't gone yet, you must, it's on our list of places to visit in Oakland). These two both are videographers and live in the neighborhood. If you've been to Creative Mornings, Christie is one of the people helping document the inspiring talks from artists, designers, makers, producers, and musicians. They were such a joy to photograph and style we even went and got some beers at Woods after the shoot.
Don't forget to tag us on social media with #everydayreal when you wear your Viscera pieces out in the wild. 
Want to be in our next campaign? Send an email to info@Viscerastudio.com.  

Look 1 

Christie Hat: Fancy Fedora Jackie Hat // Shirt: Viscera crew neck tee // Pants: Just Black destroyed boyfriend jean // jewelry: Viscera collection 4 (coming soon!)
Jeff: Shirt: Shirting by The Sock Hop Amaranth in white // Pants: Shockoe Elmore jeans 

Look 2

Christie Top: M.Rena Boatneck dress // Skirt: Viscera midi skirt in black // Necklace: Manubrium necklace in steel 
Jeff Top: Shirting by Sock Hop Primrose in Blue // Pants: Shockoe Tonal Denim 

Look 3 

Christie Top: Priem Beverly Top // Pants: Just Black boyfriend denim 
Jeff Top: Sock Hop Amaranth in White // Pant: Shockoe elmore in grey 
Okay, and these two are too cute so I had to throw in a couple out-takes: