What We Love About Daylight Savings

by Lindsey Dantes

Just this past Sunday, our clocks turned back an hour as Daylight Savings Time began. With Daylight Savings comes darker, slower days and a chance for us to seriously get cozy. For some people, Daylight Savings comes as a bit of a bummer due to the shorter days, but I am here to tell you exactly why we appreciate Daylight Savings Time at Viscera. Perhaps you could review our color scheme as a quick reminder.

The Casual Kimono from Argaman & Defiance has become a cool weather staple here at Viscera.

Living in California, we don't exactly get as many chances to wear our comfiest sweaters as we would like. All of that changes as soon as Daylight Savings rolls around. And to keep the spirit of the season, we are extra excited to don our chunkiest black frocks. If you can't beat nature, might as well join in and cuddle down with a wonderfully dark sweater or shawl.

Lift the spirits in any dark room with these hand-poured concrete candles from MacBailey Candle Co. And just in time for Holidays, the Cabin Green scent is fresh and festive for December.

Is there anything quite as warming to the heart as the flicker of candlelight on a dark night? Lighting a beautifully scented candle on a cool night during Daylight Savings feels almost ritualistic on cool nights. Candles relax us at the end of a long day and offer us space to inhale, exhale and just slow down. What's not to love about a reminder to relax and enjoy the present moment?

Take your self-care routine to the next level with our Rosehip Oil set, handmade moisturizer and spot-treatment that nourish and balance skin with plant-based ingredients. Perfect for the dry days of daylight savings.

One of our absolute favorite topics at Viscera is self-care. And what a better time for some self-care than during the long, cool nights of daylight savings time? We get an extra few moments either in the morning before starting our day or at night before bed to listen to what our body needs. Take daylight savings time as a reminder from nature to slow down and care for yourself. If everything in nature gets a chance to slow down and stop blooming, then so do we.