Our 5 Favorite Cozy Things for Fall

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

WE LOVE FALL! If you can't tell from our social media, Fall is our jam. We love outerwear, cozy things and most of all--layers! Here's a round-up of our favorite things for Fall


1. Onyx Exchange Candles

We've been carrying Onyx Exchange for over a year now and we're completely obsessed with their scents and love the fact that they're soy and natural.  These candles are made in Indianapolis and the scents are formulated with essential oils. 


2. Cozy Socks 


Sockwell and Goodhew use all natural fibers and are made in Chatanooga, TN. They're made with USA-grown wool. They're ultra soft and are great for boots. 


3. Modern Shibori Scarves

These scarves and neckerchiefs are to die for. They're had sewn and dyed in Berkeley, CA out of a silk charmeuse. They put all other scarves to shame


4. Tummy Tuck Leggings

We love M.Rena's "tummy tuck" leggings. They're made with a super soft and stretchy material that are perfect for everyday go-to leggings or to wear to yoga. We love how they fit plus they keep your legs warm on those breezy days.


5. Melissa Water-proof Boots

Hate getting caught in the rain with your nice leather booties? We've got the solution. Melissa's rain boots are perfect solution. They're made of an eco-friendly rubber and are 100% waterproof.