A Gifting Guide for Libra Season

by Lindsey Dantes

Happy Libra season! It is a time for appreciating the beautiful things in life, a time for turning on the charm, a time for balance. As many of you know, having a Libra friend can be quite a lovely thing; however they are notoriously difficult to shop for. Could it be because they have such impeccable taste and we want so badly to impress them? Or perhaps it's really because we're not sure if we've ever seen them make a decision. All teasing aside, we are here to help you with this curated guide to gifting for the Libras in your life.

1.) A generously sized Zodiac clutch

This genuine leather pouch is made in Emeryville by Me & D Leather. Each pouch within the Copernicus Collection features a different zodiac constellation. This one, of course, featuring Libra. This clutch is the all around perfect size for any occasion. Fill it with makeup and toss it in your bag, or add the essentials for a night out. Comfortably carry your phone, keys, cards, money and much more. Perfect for your Libra friend who probably wants to bring several options of lipstick and lip-gloss on a night out.

2.) Rosehip Oil Set

As stated earlier, Libras have amazing taste and truly appreciate the finer things in life. This skin-enriching duo are sure to please. Made by hand in our shop with 100% plant-based ingredients, The Rose Gold Face Oil hydrates your skin, making it soft and radiant. The Naked Stasis acts as a spot treatment for problem areas. Your Libra friend is sure to appreciate something beautiful that helps them look and feel even more beautiful.

3.) Hand-Painted Casual Kimono 

This hand painted "casual kimono" from Argaman & Defiance does double duty in the Libra department. Not only is it hand-painted, making each piece one of a kind (major Libra points) but it's neutral colors make it so it can be worn over just about anything. Making your Libra friend's life easier by giving them one less decision to make in their day is a gift in and of itself. 

4.) Relaxing Herbal Tea

These herbal tea blends are the perfect gift for the Libra who just wants to wind down at the end of their day. Too many decisions in a day? Too many people not appreciating the aesthetics of their work? Too much small talk? Your Libra friend will seriously thank you for helping them relax and chill.

Are you a Libra? What sort of gifts do you have on your wishlist? On behalf of all of us at Viscera, happy birthday, you amazing peacekeeper, you.