by Ari Takata-Vasquez

I love flatlays and I don't care who knows it. They're my new favorite form of product photography. Karis and I spent a good portion of the day styling flatlays and got a little carried away (and rhyming a lot).
We started out by styling the three pairs of Frye boots we carry in-store. We styled each boot with outfits and accessories that we imagined the boots' owner might wear.
chukka boot flat lay style
The Logan Chelsea man is a classic man. He's clean, polished, and ready to take on the world in style. 
walter logan flat lay and styling
The Walter Chukka man is creative and inventive. You might find him at the local coffee shop jotting down ideas for his next novel or sketching out his newest invention.
walter lace-up flat lay and styling
 The Walter Lace Up man is adventurous and down to earth. He likes long walks on the beach with his rescue mutt, canteens of fresh coffee, and beard oil.
We finished those three, but then we were hooked. We decided we wanted to do even more; so we created a flatlay for each of the Melange perfumes we carry. This got much more elaborate as we assigned a style to the notes of each perfume (because surely we're fragrance snobs). 
melange perfume number 1
The No1 lady is down to earth and calm. Much like her light perfume with notes of cucumber and white tea, she loves the simple things in life like a warm cup of coffee or a plain white tee.
melange perfume number 5
 The No5 lady is girly and whimsical. Even after her big personality leaves the room, her fun, floral scent is left behind.
melange perfume number 11
melange perfume flatlay
 The No11 lady is fierce and sharp. While her scent is floral, its still exotic and mysterious, just like her.
melange perfume flat lay
 The No15 lady is androgynous and curious. Her masculine cedar scent pairs well with her more masculine style, but like her perfume, there's a sweet and fun side to her as well.
melange perfume flat lay
 The No20 lady is classic and polished. She loves the finer things in life like a structured vintage bag and a glass of fine wine. Her perfume with a mix of floral and green notes is ladylike, just like her.
Which flat lay is your favorite?