Three More Reasons to Love Fall

by Lindsey Dantes

You've all heard it before and you'll hear it again. Fall is actually the most wonderful time of year. From cool breezes to amazing fashion, there's really no question that Fall is magical. In case you are an individual who needs a little more persuasion, allow us to share with you three new reasons you should love Fall as much as we do. -And did we mention that these three reasons are brand new arrivals to our shop?

Reason 1.)

Cozy Fall Outfits

Pictured: The Arc Jumpsuit

Soft, cuddly fabrics that we had to part with over the summer? Say hello once again. Fall fashion is incredible because it opens us up to all sorts of comfortable options. From layering, big accessories, and thick, soft fabrics, what is not to love about a cozy fall number?

Reason 2.) Fall Scents

Pictured: The Ember Collection through V by Viscera

As the days get shorter, we feel ourselves gravitating towards deep, earthy, smokey scents. The mystery and allure of the Fall season definitely highlights itself through Autumn fragrances. There is something quite comforting about these rich scents and yet something entrancing as well, wouldn't you say?

Reason 3.) Candle Season

Pictured: Macbailey Candle Co. Candles

Can you think of anything more relaxing than lighting a beautifully scented candle during a cool Autumn night? Our shop just got a refresh on these amazing U.S. made candles- just in time for Fall.