Self-Care with V by Viscera - Oil Treatment Set (Ingredient Breakdown + How to Use)

by Andrea Valentini

Using only organic carrier and pure essential oils, V by Vicera’s treatment set is here to make your skin, nails, and hair feel as great as they’ll look. An essential step in self-care is taking control of the ingredients you use on your body daily. V by Viscera’s oils are alcohol-free, cruelty-free, and they use zero (that means 0.00%!) synthetics/dyes - can you name anything better?

The Rose Gold Face Oil is made with organic jojoba oil, rosehip oil, essential oil, and vitamin E oil — use it on your face in place of lotion as a fast-absorbing, non-sticky way to hydrate your skin. Jojoba acts as a carrier oil that your skin can absorb easily while softening the texture (the size of the particles match the size of your pores so they sink right in instead of sitting on top of your skin). The Rose Gold Oil performs perfectly before makeup OR before bed. Rose, frankincense, and bergamot are the top notes.

The Rich Strands Hair Oil is made with organic coconut oil, organic moroccan oil, and pure essential oils. And it’s formulated for all hair types! Moroccan oil is basically a one-stop-shop for healthy, shiny hair — it helps with conditioning, treating and preventing split ends, controlling frizz, repairing, and it can be used for styling. Phew! Top notes in this oil are cedar, frankincense, rosemary, and peppermint.

The Hydrating Nail and Cuticle Oil is made with organic coconut oil and essential oils. Massage into the skin to hydrate and promote blood circulation. Keeping your nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin moisturized is the fastest way to promote nail growth (strong, shiny nails at that). The coconut oil treats and prevents hangnails, too. This skincare step is especially important in the winter when the air gets cold and dry. You can prevent yourself from having dry, brittle nails by investing in our compact oil, the perfect size to keep next to your bed as a little treat before you get some well-deserved sleep. Top notes are basil, lavender, and lemon.

Buy them individually or as a set. All oils comes with a glass eyedropper for precise control over dispensing. Oh, and the names are only suggestions — you can use them interchangeably if you’d rather have your hair smelling like fresh peppermint!