I Make Your Skincare

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

Hi, I'm Ari

and I make your skincare.

They say, "Necessity is the Mother of Creation" and that holds true when it comes to the V by Viscera line. I started creating these products because I wanted a natural line that actually worked but didn't have any of the synthetics or chemicals that I'm allergic to (I have asthma). If you've ever tried to de-chemicalize your skin care, you know that it's not only a difficult but expensive endeavor. You try different lotions, creams, and oils and it's hard to find the right combination-- you like the smell of one, but not the texture, or you like the idea of a natural product but found it didn't work. I've been there and it is frustrating.

So, I started experimenting and researching all about skincare, essential oils, and botanical blends. I'm originally from Hawaii where holistic and plant-based approaches are a part of the culture (for example, if you had a stomach ache you'll probably be told to eat ginger rather than a pharmaceutical product and it works!). While growing up in Hawaii means I'm more inclined to take the natural approach, it also means my skin and hair do best in humid weather, so California's climate doesn't quite agree with my skin (and yes, I know everyone from the east coast is rolling their eyes at me-- fair!). So, I got to work creating different face oil blends, tweaking recipes to make sure it was just right, and testing, testing, testing! Once I had a face oil I really liked, I gave it to just about everyone I knew to test it out. The results were all positive. My friends with dry skin, combination skin, and even oily skin found that the oil made their skin bright, more supple, and even. I know that can be a bit counter-intuitive, but face oils (especially those containing rosehip) are actually best for oily skin-types because they help skin self-regulate sebum production which, in turn, helps prevent breakouts caused by the overproduction of oil.

After making a ton of different concoctions, figuring out what worked, and sourcing the right natural ingredients, I finally created the skin oil I always wanted and the Rose Gold Face Oil was born! It protects and hydrates your skin without the greasiness creams and lotions leave behind, plus it feels light and smells great. I do distance running and I absolutely hate how lotion runs down your face once you start to sweat. By contrast, the face oil is immediately absorbed into your skin and won't run or melt when you sweat. All of this without acids or harsh chemicals-- just plant extracts.

While I love every product in the line, the rose gold face oil is by far the one I'm most proud of. I love hearing back from customers who love the oil and were otherwise frustrated with their "bad" skin. I make every single bottle of face oil by hand, with care. I often even hear from customers that they bought the oil for themselves but their partners ended up liking them scent and now their partners use the oil too. Being able to hear stories like this is why you support small, independent brands and businesses. It's special to know who made your products, how they made it, and most importantly-- that they'll stand behind their products. 

I know you'll love this face oil and so I'm giving you a free tester as a thank you for being on our email list. Just click here, add the tester to your cart, and use code glow at checkout for your free sample. If you're feeling bold and want to go for it, you can also use code glow for $5 off your order of a 15ml or 59ml bottle. And if you already love the rose gold face oil, you can now get it as a monthly subscription and save 20% off your first order and every order after that. You can cancel it at any time (although I doubt your skin will want you to do that). So, I hope you'll give it a try-- what do you have to lose? Ditch the chemicals and synthetics and see what plant-based beauty can do.  I proudly make every single bottle by hand and love being able to help people feel good in their skin. 


Founder + Maker of V by Viscera