Healthy Body: It Starts on the Inside - Antiquity Juice

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

It goes like this: you make a resolution to take better care of your skin from the inside. You promise yourself that you’ll start eating better this year, start paying attention to the ingredients in your food, start cooking with more raw, unprocessed fruits and veggies. At a certain point you get overwhelmed…start sneaking sodas in with your meal here and there, cheat meals slowly start becoming regular meals — this is where Antiquity Juice comes in. They make it easy to keep your insides happy, minimal effort required, with a mission statement like no other juice company you’ve seen before.

The benefits of drinking wholesome, fresh juices are too many to list — among the top reasons are better skin, mental clarity, better digestive functioning, and lower cholesterol. When you drink Antiquity Juice, you’re supporting a small, family-owned business who has everyone’s best interest in mind. The creators of Antiquity Juice source recipes from juices found in Africa, India, and the Caribbean. The concepts behind their juices stem from ancestral tradition — pure wisdom. Nothing beats the quality and health benefits that have accumulated throughout old worlds.

Visit Viscera  at 1542 Broadway in Oakland to experience these unique, fresh flavors for yourself.