Embracing Spooky Season

by Lindsey Dantes

Here at Viscera, as some of you may have guessed, we absolutely adore Spooky Season. I'm not talking zombie films and warehouse haunted houses (although we're not opposed). I'm talking about the month of October and embracing the quiet, the dark and the mysterious. October gives us a moment before daylight savings to notice the shift, take some time to re-group and reflect before moving forward into the darker end of the year. October is a quieting down and sitting with whatever it is you need to sort through.

Embrace the season of the witch with a flowing black dress like the Hybrid Dress from A.Oei.

Accompanying this quieting, in all its whimsical splendor, is Halloween. I personally love Halloween because I see it as a time where many themes and ideas that are typically kept under the bed, so to speak, are embraced and celebrated. Ghosts? Goblins? Six extra pieces of candy before bed? Bring it on during Halloween!

There's something eerie, yet relaxing about a dark, candlelit room. This hand-poured MacBailey candle adds a level of luxury with its cozy scent.

So how does a sophisticated adult like yourself embrace the spirit(s) of Spooky Season, you ask? By embracing your own spooky side! Get out on a Thursday night in your ghoulish best or spend a Friday night in, relaxing in a candlelit room. Or maybe even attend a party! We would love to see you this Halloween at our downtown Oakland store for a spook-tastic Halloween Party.

However you decide to spend the rest of this magical month, I hope you fit in at least a little time to get spooky.