Crazy Hot and Crazy Cool

by Lindsey Dantes

In the Bay Area, we hear the term "micro-climate" being thrown around quite a lot. While this term could easily be written off as a dramatic labeling for fog, (at least that's what I thought at first) micro-climates are very real and extremely fascinating. While taking a mile long walk, it is very common for us to begin in a heatwave, then start shivering in a cool breeze, and then start sweating under the intense rays of the sun. 


In the heart of downtown Oakland, we feel a drastic range of temperature throughout the day as the sun makes its way over the Cathedral Building.


This weather can be very confusing to dress for. Looking outside and seeing the sun shining bright could make you reach for shorts and a tank, but seasoned Bay Area residents know better. 

The secret to always being prepared for the unpredictable weather of the changing seasons is not only layers, but breathable layers. Having layers in cool linens, raw silk, or natural cotton is a must because not only to these fabrics keep you warm in a cool breeze, but protect your skin from intense sun rays. The breathable quality of these fabrics allows for plenty of ventilation, minimizing your perspiration (major plus!).

These raw silk blanket scarves from Argaman & Defiance feel like they were made for Bay Area Autumns. 

For Autumn, our favorite item to layer with is a big scarf or shawl in a breathable fabric. There are countless ways to style a versatile piece like this. And when you don't need it, they are small enough to stash away in your purse for when you need it next. No matter where in the world you are, step into this unpredictable Fall weather knowing you're prepared for just about anything.