A Gifting Guide for Scorpio Season

by Lindsey Dantes

Ah, yes. Scorpios. We love them and yet they scare us just a little bit. With Scorpio season not only comes the birthdays of our spooky and intense friends, but also Halloween and the darker days leading into Winter. All drama considered, it is completely understandable as to why non-Scorpio's might not know exactly what to get for their wonderfully moody friends. That is where we come in to bring you this guide to gifting- Scorpio Style. As a Scorpio myself, you can trust that this is an honest guide to gifting for your favorite Stingers.

1.) Natural Fragrance with an intense side

Chances are your Scorp-friend loves to make a statement and leave an impression. Help them do just that while also caring for their skin with this all-natural, handmade line of fragrances. The Ember Collection from V by Viscera truly captures the depth and intensity of smoke and incense in each of its three fragrances, Sweet Plume, Obsidian Smoke and Citrine Haze. Your Scorpy friend will surely enjoy rolling on these dark, smoky scents created by special essential oil blends.


2.) Clothing that is dramatic, draping, sexy and definitely black

Bring on the dark, sexy drama of a long black dress for Scorpio season. Our Rohe Dress is the perfect example of Scorpion's delight. We are talking full-on witchiness with a super sexy slit. As a Scorpio myself, I have one this to say and is it "YES!" to this dress.


3.) A beautifully unique purse

As masters of mystery, Scorpies need an eye-catching bag that is large enough to store all of their secrets. The Fiona Bucket Bag from Me&D is the perfect example. Made with genuine suede and boasting a genius hook-on wristlet strap, it is the perfect mysterious satchel for a fashion-forward Scorpio.


4.) Pour-Over Black Coffee Kit

Not sure if I mentioned this enough times yet but intensity is a key word for Scorpios. Fulfill their caffeine needs with a perfectly simple and portable Vietnamese Coffee Kit- perfect for the Scorp on the go. These coffee kits from Copper Cow Coffee come in a variety of flavors and styles but we prefer our coffee, as you can guess, black. Like our souls.

Scorpio season can be an intense one, but I hope to take some of the pressure off with these gifting tips. Always remember that your Scorpio friend will love anything you get for them because behind the hard exterior, we love attention and gifts (don't tell the others I said that).


A Scorpio who cares