Intern Biography - Yang Qu

As a junior studying Economics and Asian Studies, fashion and design is a total 180 to my schoolwork. What started as a hobby and a way to recreate some of the designs I loved as a middle-schooler has now become an integral part of my life. There's just something mystical about it--I love the clothes, the details that go on backstage of a fashion show, creating physical garments from flat sketches, everything. What I love the most, though, is the capacity for innovation within the field of design. This in particular is what drew me to Viscera: I'm intrigued by the process of using 3D printing to create wearable jewelry, and the potential it holds for larger pieces of clothing and art. Of course, growing up and living in the Silicon Valley exposes you to all the different uses of this new technology, from creating organs to prosthetic limbs, but using it for art and jewelry and clothing is still a relatively new concept. I feel like nothing else captures the zeitgeist, the fusion of technology into everyday life, quite like this does.

One day, I hope to start creating with 3D as well. Until then, fabric it is.



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