Father's Day Gift Guide

by Ari Takata-Vasquez

Father's Day is just around the corner; have you found a gift yet? If you're a procrastinator like me, you probably haven't. But, not to worry, we've put together a Father's day guide for any kind of dad in your life. 

Here are our Dad-egories 

1. The Rugged Dad
This guy loves the outdoors and building things with his bare hands. He's all about nature and maybe even the natural scent of dude. Give him a gentle nudge and gift him the tools he needs to smell more pine tree than mud puddle. 
The Onyx Exhcange charcoal soap and Melange No. 15 roll-on is a perfect combination. Neither is too much work to use and they're both hyper-portable so he can smell fresh anywhere his next adventure takes him.
2. It's "5'oclock Somewhere" Dad
This is for the Dad who knows Happy Hour can be a religious experience. Get him the Bourbon scented soy candle from Onyx Exchange. He'll get the nostalgia of an Old Fashioned without the hangover.
3. The "Needs to Stop Wearing Dad-Jeans" Dad
This is for the Dad that needs some help but you're not really sure where to start. Give him a Viscera gift card and we'll do the heavy lifting. We're pros at finding cuts that work for Dad and most importantly are comfortable fabrics. Rest assured, we have a zero-tolerance dad-jean policy. 
4. Dad Jokes Only Dad 
Some jokes are better kept to ourselves. Help Dad document his best jokes without having to actually say them aloud-- give him a public supply notebook. Not only will this help dad not embarrass you, the profits go toward arts programming in public schools! 
Side note, if you happen to be a fan of dad-jokes (I secretly am), check out Nice One Dad.
5. The "Needs a Fashion Spirit Guide" Dad
This is for the Dad who seriously needs to stop wearing the Phish T-shirt from 1984. Get him some serious help with a closet consultation. After all the best gifts really are just for ourselves anyway. Set him up with a closet consultation and never worry about him coming to dinner in burkenstocks, tube socks, shorts, and a denim vest ever again! 
6. The Pawful Dad 
He goes bonkers for dogs. He needs to pet every dog that crosses his path. He make smoochy sounds in public in hopes of getting a glimmer of a dog's attention. In fact, he's not actually a dad to a human, but a fur-baby. Get him the best gift possible (which is really just a gift for his dog) and give him our Viscera leather dog leash. We have these leashes specially made with high quality leather and sturdy hardwear. We donate the proceeds from our leash sales to Good Newz, the rescue we got our shop dogs Charlie and Lola. 
7. The Cool Dad 
Got the Dad who wants cool points? What says cool more than sunglasses? Get him a pair of shwood sunglasses. They're perfect for Summer and with carefully crafted wood inlays, these glasses are unlike anything else. 
8. International Dad of Mystery 
This guy doesn't need much help in the clothing department but can be hard to shop for. He knows the difference between double monks and wingtips. He can spot a spread collar from a mile away. Give him the gift of quality with a Sock Hop dress shirt. These shirts are made by 4th generation tailors in Soho, New York. 
And yes, this is the handsome family who hand-makes each beautiful shirt. 
Which of these Dad-igories does your Padre fall into?