The Journey 04 - VISCERA
Rose Borden

The Journey 04

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Rose Borden Photography 

10" x 8" (matted to be 14" x 11) "Photography: Digital, archivally printed inkjet print on paper".

Showing unique angles, close croppings, and abstractions has always been my passion.  My work is about exaggerating texture, line, pattern, and the relationship between light & dark.  Very often I choose to shoot images in very grainy black and white to produce graphic, often dramatic, high-contrast images to accentuate these qualities. Consequently, I am investigating the varying qualities of existing light (both natural and man-made) and how they are affected by natural occurrences in the atmosphere – i.e., shadows, reflections, fog, condensation, mist, steam, etc. The goal is that the viewer will see an object or place in a unique way, ideally in a way she/he hasn’t before.  My images are frames of the movie of life around me, whether it is a bustling street scene in a major city, a field in a remote village, or a fleeting shadow.  It’s all about taking the mundane and making it provocative.

I want the world to see things as they actually appear, as I see them, not as I can make them appear through staging or extensive computer manipulation. I like to use only existing light and work within the confines of the immediacy of time and randomness of situation to document my visual experiences.  The challenge is to take an interesting photo on the go without anything other than a camera and one lens.  Often I get only a few seconds to capture the exact scene I want before something (or someone) moves or the light changes.

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