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Viscera Studio operates among the many intersections of retail and design. This includes everything from environment design, signage, photography, graphic design, and branding. It’s a retail lab exploring new and innovative ways of bringing company message and image together using every technological and physical avenue available. Viscera Studio specializes in all design oriented aspects of a business’ development and evolution.

Services Offered:
  • Interior Architecture | Space design, planning and rendering 
  • Graphics and Branding | Logo, product packaging, web assets
  • Color Consultation | color and materials selection

Viscera Studio’s approach is decidedly effect based as opposed to more traditionally icon-based methods. By investigating the brand’s core ideals, we are able to distill the fundamental essence, in express it in a multitude of aesthetic medium. At Viscera Studio we love technology. We utilize new digital techniques whenever we can, however we don’t let that limit us. We believe in using the right tool that will get us the most beautiful project, whether that is using the latest animation software to produce dynamic graphics, darkroom printing a look book or hand-assembling laser cut signage.

Viscera Studio calls Oakland home for a very good reason. It’s in a period of super rapid change and we hope to make a difference in how the new retail sector will mature. It’s a unique opportunity to bring great design into a city we care deeply about, all while figuring out how to do it on a budget that is agreeable to the business owners making a difference. With this in mind, we are looking for the perfect collaborators on our Retail Lab Environment Design Pilot. We’d like to find 5 like minded new businesses in Oakland that are need of affordable environment design services. With this we hope to plant a seed of beautiful design that will continue to pollenate that Oakland retail world as it grows into something positive for the community. 

Email us a bit about your business and what design work we could do for you; sign up for a free consultation

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