Smudge Stick Workshop 11/17 1-3pm - VISCERA

Smudge Stick Workshop 11/17 1-3pm

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Join us and Rust & Flourish as we go behind the scenes of our Autumn Smudge Sticks! We entwine, forage, and burn our special smudge with intention and purpose - in this class, we'll go in depth about the properties of each botanical element we use in our smudge sticks, our foraging and seasonal uses for each wand, sustainable practices, and the history of healing through smudge wands. We make our smudge sticks in small batches with seasonal elements, so in the class, we'll be utilizing herbal and floral elements from our autumn season. Some of the botanical elements we'll use and learn about include:

- Sage, Lavender, Amaranth, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Yarrow, Rose, Sweetgrass, Yerba, Palo Santo.

In this two hour class, all materials will be provided for you to make two-four smudge wands, as well as a curated selection of our gemstones that you can tie to your wand, or set in your space for burning.



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