Revealing Faces Photography Series #5 by Lina Torres - VISCERA
Lina Torres

Revealing Faces Photography Series #5 by Lina Torres

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Metallic Photo Print, matted, 20" x 20" 

The Revealing Faces series is based on a repetitive lifelong dream. In her dream, the artist encounters different human characters that generate deep and intense emotions specific to the character, but every time she tries to see the person's face, she sees nothing but blurry faces. The artist's goal with the series was to explore and recreate the indistinct silhouettes with a surreal lens, and to reveal their faces into forms, colors and textures.

The artist, Lina Torres, loves to explore and observe the simple aspects of life as it is. Lina is a photographer who searches for endless stories around the world and strives to depict them in different ways that echo with her point of view in a personal and symbolic way.

Lina Torres

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