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Shop-in-shop: Mini Plant Shop from Rust & Flourish

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Who doesn't love a little foliage in their life. Whether it's for your office or home, we have a great selection of indoor plants that area easy to take care of a require little light. Our friend Ricci at Rust & Flourish bring us the easiest to care for, healthy and happy plants with minimalist and stylish concrete, marble, hand panted, and hanging planters. Come and see our selection of plants from our friends at Rust & Flourish. We have tons of monsteras, snake plants, palms, pothos, succulents, and rubber tree plants in our mini shop. 

Not sure what you're looking for? Let us help, we can direct you to the plants that fit your needs


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got very little natural light? Not a problem
need pet safe plants? We're animal people, so we'll keep your fur babies safe
no green thumb? We've got easy to follow directions



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