Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do you only carry greyscale?

We believe in minimalism. With a greyscale wardrobe you can streamline your aesthetic with little effort. By eliminating color, it’s much easier to focus on the core of fashion --texture and form. Colors are easily dated and often associated with a trend or time period, but we don't believe in 'fast-fashion'. We want to provide you with great quality pieces that are contemporary and will remain in style for many years to come. 

Our founder, Ari, personally participated in the 333 challenge and found that it fundamentally changed the way that she dresses and curates her clothing purchases. In brief, the 333 project requires that you dress with only 33 items (yes, including shoes and accessories) for three months. The goals are to spend less time getting dressed in the morning, to stop impulse buys on poor quality items, and to develop a hyper-curated wardrobe for each season. 


Will you ever carry color?

Yes, but only two. We will be introducing indigo as our new accent color for Spring/Summer. Our accent color for Fall/Winter is copper/oatmeal. This is a philosophy we will stick with for years to come. Both of these colors look beautiful with black and white and because they are pseudo neutrals, they don't go out of style. 


How do I find you?

Our address is 1542 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612. We are located in Downtown Oakland between 15th and 17th street. Due to limited parking, public transit is the recommended method of transportation when traveling to Viscera. We are right in the middle of the 12th and 19th street BART stops and are very close to the 1, 1R, 72, 72R, 12, 51A, and a number of other AC Transit lines. We also have the majority of our inventory available online.


Who designs your product?

Our 3D printed jewelry is designed by Miles Bianchi. He has a background in architecture and enjoys exploring 3D modeling in the individual human scale. Our Viscera basics are our own label. The rest of our American made clothing is a mix of about a dozen different designers including:



Sock Hop New York

Prairie Underground


Only Child


How do you find the brands that you work with?

We visit several out of state trade shows multiple times a year. Because we value working with local designers and brands, we often find Bay Area based brands to work with online or through mutual connections.


What's the story behind the name?

"Viscera" is actually a Latin medical term. It's the plural of Viscus, which literally translates to” an organ of the body”. In concept, Viscera is a collection joined in a structural unit to serve a common function. This relates to our approach to fashion. We believe every part of your wardrobe should work together to culminate a cohesive and distinctive aesthetic. Our clothing and 3D printed jewelry work together towards that end. 


When do you get new products?

We get new products every Wednesday.


Do you offer a student discount?

Yes, we offer students 15% off everyday (however it can't be used with other offers and promotions). Both Miles and Ari have been students for many years so we feel your struggle. 


Are you independently owned?

Yes. Viscera is owned by Ari Takata-Vasquez. You can read more about her here


Are you hiring?

At the moment we are not hiring but we are always accepting resumes. When we are ready to hire, we'll post job advertisements on our 'opportunities' page or on Localwise.com