About Us

Our Story

Ari Takata-Vasquez started Viscera in 2014 with the idea of bringing a minimalist store and 3D printing jewelry to Downtown Oakland. She's a big believer in capsule wardrobes and creating a uniform of sorts to make getting dressed easy. Ari uses her background in Architecture and Urban Design to create a visually stunning space and brand. 

  Our Concept 

Viscera is an online and brick and mortar boutique offering a well-curated collection of minimalist contemporary exclusively made in the United States. We also have our own line of 3D printed jewelry designed in Oakland and produced in Long Island City, New York. We believe in owning fewer, better things with ease in mind. We curate a sleek, cohesive, and minimalistic selection of merchandise made for responsible, eco-conscious shoppers. We want to help you love your wardrobe, make it easy to get dressed and help you feel confident in your style.

Our Store 

We’re located in the heart of Downtown Oakland, directly across from the Cathedral Building and Latham Square. Viscera’s convenient (we’re steps away from the 19th street BART station!) brick and mortar location was selected with the desire to operate in a historical neighborhood full of diverse, creative, and like-minded individuals. With our store, we bring unique and ethically produced fashion to the community while also supporting our local economy through retail sales within the city of Oakland.

Our Products 

We pride ourselves on sourcing American-made clothing and accessories. It's important that all of our items have a story and our customers feel confident and comfortable with the way that our garments and jewelry have been created. We choose to work closely with independent designers located within the country in an effort to provide quality pieces that are versatile and long lasting. 

Our Studio

We also have a design arm of our business called Viscera Studio. We provide all the creative items you need to build a business. Our motto is visualizing beautiful ideas, and we believe in it. We want to help make your vision come to life. Head over to our design studio website for more information. 


We're always happy to tell our story.

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