About the Owner


Hi, my name is Ari . Viscera is my concept, shop, brand and dream. Viscera was just an idea in June of 2014 and six months later it became a brick and mortar shop in the heart of Downtown Oakland. My road to being a small business owner has been anything but expected.  Prior to starting Viscera I had just completed my Master's in City Planning from UC Berkeley with a focus on urban design. Before that I studied Architecture at the University of San Francisco. And to make my background even more confusing, I was born and raised in Hawaii but I call Oakland home. 

Now, most people ask, how did you end up going from city planning to retail? While it is't necessarily obvious, Viscera as a shop has the capacity to change Oakland on an urban scale. All businesses do. For example, we've been approved for a parklet we designed and will create a public good that encourages ownership of the neighborhood. Unlike most parklet sponsors, we don't have food or beverage so there's no real benefit to our business. We're creating a parklet because we genuinely want Broadway to be the arterial core of Oakland that it used to be.